Fruity the Clown

. . . something so sweet it could start a revolution.


with Tate & Red, TQ Live!, Warhol Museum, 2018, photo by Sean Carroll

Fruity embodies QRS: Queer failure, Radical emotionality, Social Ra/upture. Always in relation to others, they completely experience and express the world around them. There might not be any clowns without people, but there is only controlled, moderate laughter without clowns. A single clown in a sea of regular people–that’s all it takes. One giggle, one jiggle, one spit take, one odd little folly, one quirky exchange is all it takes for our guards to drop, for something fruity and queer to happen.

Through stage performances, workshops, and public interventions, Fruity will bring care and joy to others. The alter ego will encourage unconventional modes of laughter and laughing. Their goofiness and engaged presence elicit a mindfulness while in the very same mode offering a moment of escape or release. It’s all terribly childlike and queer.

And it’s always going to be fun, but it’s up to you to define your own happiness and participation. That’s a freedom Fruity the Clown will always support. We are allowed to fail. We are allowed to be overly kind. It’s OK to be incredibly joyful. We should allow ourselves the embrace of the social. Let it take us while we muck it up along the way.

Let’s change how we sit and gather, let’s refocus our laughter. Why are we so often only laughing at someone or something?