In predetermined public spaces, I walk in high heels. The Walking public interventions will be a long-term research project. Along with my written impressions, their documentation through film and photography will be the re-presentable performative artifacts.

Walking I occurred on 11th December 2013 around the fountain in Brighton, UK. Walking II happened at the Seven Dials in Brighton on 19th January 2014. I hope to explore my walks and further develop this practice-as-research project throughout 2014.

The following film is a 2 minute edit of Walking I & Walking II in split screen. In the full version, there is 5 minutes of narration in the middle of the video, which shares my notes, feelings, concerns, & frustrations while exploring this walking project.

* In regards to walking as an art practice, there is a long history perhaps beginning with the writings and work of Guy Debord and the Situationists to the work of prominent artists like Richard Long and Hamish Fulton. I would not situate my project in respect to their particular methodologies, however. At this stage, my intentions are not directed towards landscape or mapping.  And yet, the meditative practice of walking, which has its roots in many ritual and spiritual practices, most notably the kinhin of Zen Buddhism, is strikingly apparent in much of their work, to me. This aspect of the project is becoming an undercurrent to the way I’m thinking and working through process recently. As I move forward with the walks, I want to pursue more meditative practices and/or methodologies rooted in rituals. I’m also considering developing the project into a series of public interventions in high heels and men’s clothing, i.e. doing, sitting, walking, etc.


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