Undressing for Disclosures @ Queer New York International Arts Festival


“Performance resists the balanced calculations of finance. It saves nothing. It only spends.” Peggy Phelan, Unmarked

I am usually skeptical of nudity in most performance work I experience. I mockingly wonder if the work required a naked body, if the piece was any clearer, if it was all for shock and awe. With Disclosures, however, I was curious and excited to collaborate. And, you know what? I needed to get naked! Through sharing and shedding, what new associations with my naked body will I encounter? What different engagements with their own clothed bodies will the audiences experience?

For the past two weeks, I have been working with Choreographer Bruno Isaković and five other artists on a new performance for the Queer New York International Arts Festival at the Abrons Arts Center. The work poses questions about ways of undressing, about the various layers of disclosure that may or may not happen while nude.  Personal histories and our relationships with bare flesh naturally mingle with stories of family and sex, impressions coming in from society, and varying modes of queerness.

I’ve taken my clothes off nearly everyday this month with these lovely creatures.  It’s been revealing, of course, and certainly awkward and scary at times.  And, I’ve learned an awful lot about my body through this process.  With our opening on Tuesday evening, it’s time to invite the city into the space.  So…yeah…if you come, you’ll see my naked body….

I’d love for you to read a lot more along our flesh and bones—certain queer potentialities, a different (better?) respect for the human form. It’s a five-day run, so no excuse not to come out once.  If you’re really into my cock and balls, coming more than once is always fun!


Tuesday, September 22−Friday, September 25 at 8 PM
Saturday, September 26 at 10 PM

Abrons Arts Center  | Underground Theater
466 Grand Street (at Pitt Street)
New York, NY 10002

MA Degree Performance: Dirty History

Dear World,

I’d like to personally invite you to my final degree performance at the University of Brighton. Over the past year, I have been working towards the MA in Performance & Visual Practices. Dirty History is one of the projects that arose from this period. ​


Dirty History is a sensual representation of sexual memory through ritual, soil, & time. The performance—consisting of ritual-like movements and autobiographic text—takes place along an expanse of 9,000L of compost. Through poetry, both live & prerecorded, I will introduce a sampling of recalled (markedly queer) intimacies and sexual memories. I will slowly unearth a history by working the soil and divulging memories, hoping to break down the performed ritual. For an hour, I invite you to sit with me in this mound of earth. Don’t worry. You’ll have a seat.

Be well,

Thursday 11 September 2pm
Friday 12 September 6pm & 8pm
All performances are free.

Sallis Benney Theatre
The University of Brighton
58-67 Grand Parade
Brighton BN2 0JY

For further information: MA Performance & Visual Practices Degree Show Group Tumblr

“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at.” ~Oscar Wilde

Hello, World!

I’ve decided that it was about time to lay it all out there, to share my processes and thoughts. As I’m becoming more confident and clearly focused, I’ve decided it’s time to represent those energies and intentions in the form of a professional artist’s website. This website will serve multiple purposes. Firstly, it is a polished way for me to publicly share my work and archive the documentation of those projects. Currently, I’m well into my second term of an MA in Performance & Visual Practices at the University of Brighton (UK). Therefore, my site will also function as a platform for my practice and research developments leading up to the MA final assessments. I will primarily use the blog as my online R&D archive; it will be a journal, an inspiration board, a sometimes agenda, and an occasional bulletin. I hope to post updates as often as possible, but for now I’m setting a weekly schedule.  Besides the blogroll, the About and Current Work sections will be continually altered and tweaked, too. I’ll be adding more photos, videos, and text as well as further questioning my intentions and interests. It’s a constantly shifting form just like all of us.

Please explore the site and visit often. I hope that you can engage with the work. Stay tuned for more.

Be well,